Pharmacy Practice Pacesetters




Summer is past, classes have started and things have never been busier in the Department of Pharmacy Practice!  This academic year marks the first time the College has had three full classes of student pharmacists and three full sets of curricular delivery running simultaneously. 
Since all of the new courses for our P3 student pharmacists are Pharmacy Practice courses, we have added several new faculty to help with curricular development and delivery. Dr. Sarah Uroza has joined us from the University of Arkansas, where she previously served as an Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Pharmacy. Dr. Uroza has expertise and is teaching in community pharmacy practice including medication therapy management (MTM).
Dr. Kevin Eidson has also joined our faculty. Dr. Eidson was previously Executive Director of the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy and has experience in community pharmacy practice as well. He is currently teaching our Community Pharmacy Management course for P2 student pharmacists and will teach Law and Ethics next semester as well. Dr. Eidson will also coordinate all of our introductory pharmacy practices experiences (IPPEs), to free up Dr. Greg Young to focus on our advanced pharmacy practice experiences (APPEs), which begin next summer. Dr. Crescent Rowell has committed to joining our faculty full time upon completion of her PhD degree in Pharmacoeconomics this winter; she has already begun teaching in that course one day a week.
In addition to our usual curricular responsibilities, the Department has been involved in a couple of very exciting educational activities this summer. For the last several months, leaders in the Department of Pharmacy Practice have met with others from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Vanderbilt University School of Nursing, Belmont University School of Pharmacy, and Tennessee State University School of Social Work, to develop an interprofessional educational program for select incoming P1 student pharmacists. The program is titled the “Fellowship in Interprofessional Learning” and is sponsored by Vanderbilt University.
In July, four of our incoming student pharmacists participated in an “immersion course” to orient them to interprofessional practice. They will spend one day a week in various clinical locations working with other student pharmacists, physicians, nurses, and social workers to learn to work as a team in taking care of patient needs. 
Members of the Department and several P1 and P2 student pharmacists were involved in a very unique service activity this summer along with faculty and student nurses from the Vanderbilt University School of Nursing to conduct a “Drug Disposal Event” in Dickson, TN. During the event, 41,577 dosage forms were collected and destroyed. Included were 1,968 tablets or capsules of controlled substances with a street value of $5,655.00. This service allowed consumers to get rid of their expired or unneeded medications without having them wind up in the water supply or be diverted for purposes of abuse. The event was well received by the community and supported by the Dickson Police Department as well as local pharmacy owners David and Martha Shephard.
Of course summer is always a time for travel to various meetings and this year was no exception. Our faculty attended the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy meeting in Seattle, Washington. Drs. Kam Nola and Kim Ayes presented two posters “Drug Information Services for the 21st Century:  Utilizing Mobile Technology to Provide Real Time Drug Information” and “Cross Curriculum Collaboration: Using One Assignment to Meet Education Objectives in More than One Course.” 
Several faculty members also attended the Tennessee Pharmacists Association meeting in Memphis, TN. During the meeting, Dr. James W.  Torr was elected Chair of the Tennessee Society of Pharmacists (TSP) and Dr. Tom Campbell received two awards, Outstanding Service as 2009-10 President and the McKesson Service Award in recognition of service as President of TPA 2009-10; Campbell also received an Award of Merit from the TPA.