Service to Nashville Rescue Mission



By George Mead, Class of 2012
On April 5th, 2010, I had the honor of going to the Nashville Rescue Mission with Dr. Jeff McCormack, Dr. David Ayes, and fellow Lipscomb pharmacy students. I was hesitant about going due to not knowing what to expect, but God was calling on my heart to help out.  
The hardest part of the trip was  waking up at 3:30 AM. Our group arrived at the shelter around 4 AM and was immediately put to work. Each one of us put on our selective garbing, which included gloves, an apron, and a cap which suited Dr. McCormack well. Next, we were divided into specific groups. A third of us went to the serving aisle to deliver food, another group peeled potatoes, and the last third sliced potatoes into wedges.
We all worked diligently and were able to serve over two hundred homeless people.   The people were very appreciative and thankful for the service that the rescue mission provided for them. Two and a half hours later, we completed all of our duties.
Even though I was hesitant in the beginning, I would like to participate in service day again. It was a very eye opening experience to witness the amount of people that are hungry and need food. I am grateful for service day and the encouragement of the Lipscomb pharmacy program. In addition, I strongly encourage others to take advantage of this opportunity.