Mercer elected AAPS DDD officer



Susan Mercer, Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Lipscomb University, was recently elected to serve on the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Drug Discovery and Design (DDD) Section as the Secretary/Treasurer for a two-year appointment beginning November 2009.

This appointment allows Mercer to sit on the executive committee and participate as an active volunteer with the section. Additionally, Mercer will serve as a section member to the AAPS Membered Groups Coordination Committee, serving alongside the AAPS President- Elect to shape the future of sections and focus groups within the organization.


AAPS is a national, but internationally recognized professional association of pharmaceutical scientists across multiple disciplines in academia, industry, and government which “provides a dynamic international forum for the exchange of knowledge among scientists to enhance their contributions to health.” –AAPS website ( The DDD section specifically, “…encourages the discovery, dissemination, integration and application of knowledge concerning the chemistry, biochemistry, and pharmacological actions of synthetic and naturally occurring medicinal agents. Research activities leading to this knowledge involve the study of the physicochemical properties related to the structure and function of drugs, drug design and synthesis, and drug targeting at enzyme active sites, receptors, transporters, lipid membranes and other sites at which the influence of a drug as a bound ligand influences physiologic processes.”