Rachel Stephens named Walgreens diversity scholarship recipient



A student pharmacist with a degree in Spanish creates opportunities for service far beyond the norm seen in the College of Pharmacy which is exactly a characteristic of Rachel Stephens that made her the top candidate for the Walgreens diversity scholarship. Walgreens established the $2,000 scholarship specifically to aid efforts in increasing diversity among student pharmacists. The student selected is one whose efforts exemplify these efforts making Rachel a perfect candidate.

Walgreens has contributed financially to support educational institutions and programs nationwide and recognizes the significant role Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy plays in fostering the educational development of future pharmacists. Dean Roger Davis commented, “The College of Pharmacy is appreciative of Walgreens generosity in providing the diversity scholarship and Rachel is an ideal recipient.”
During Rachel’s undergraduate education, she took the opportunity to earn a degree in Spanish specifically to create opportunities to serve the Hispanic community. Her first indication of the value of knowing Spanish came while working in the outpatient pharmacy at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital where she quickly realized the importance of knowing a second language. Additionally, in 2008 Rachel volunteered at the Siloam Family Health Center which largely serves a Hispanic population, once again underscoring the importance of her undergraduate degree. She hopes to be able to volunteer again at Siloam while in pharmacy school.
Rachel clearly is living out a mission of service to the community and demonstrates a commitment to diversity. Indeed, her dream is not one that ends in serving the Nashville community as evidenced by her desire to “use my education in Spanish and pharmacy to participate in medical mission trips to Hispanic countries throughout my career.” Whether in downtown Nashville or serving abroad, Rachel Stephens will be a representative and advocate for diversity and is well-deserving as the Walgreens Scholarship recipient for 2010.