Frist Global Health Leaders to serve in Zambia, Africa


                 Britany Latimer                  John Deason

The idea of spending six weeks in Zambia, Africa has generated an enthusiastic response from student pharmacists even though there is the possibility of not having running water, electricity or getting to shower for a week. Through the generous support of a grant from Hope Through Healing Hands (HTHH) John Deason and Brittany Latimer will be serving at the Zambia Medical Missions (ZMM) in the summer of 2010 in spite of the challenges they may face.  

HTHH is a nonprofit organization established in 2004 by Senator Bill Frist, M.D. The mission of HTHH is to promote improved quality of life for citizens and communities around the world. The student pharmacists are receiving a grant to travel to underserved areas to bolster health care in communities and clinical settings for the summer and will focus on service and training. Deason and Latimer will be recognized as Frist Global Health Leaders.
The inaugural event for the Global Health Leaders will be to serve in the ZMM in June and July. ZMM is a program designed to provide medical and spiritual help to the needy of Zambia, a mission that is perfectly aligned with that of the College of Pharmacy. As such, it involves a serious commitment from its volunteers to work under difficult and challenging conditions. Candidates for the positions must first consider the following:
       Am I ready to stay in a place where I may not get a shower or bath for over a week?
       Am I ready to sleep on the floor/ground, in a sleeping bag?
       Am I ready to stay in a place with no electricity, running water, and no flush toilet?
       Am I ready for long days of hard work?
       Am I committed to serving others and following a program that is prearranged for me?
       Am I healthy enough to participate in a program that may be physically demanding?
With the establishment of the partnership Senator Bill Frist, M.D., stated “We are excited that Lipscomb University will have the opportunity to send two students from the College of Pharmacy to Zambia this year to do service and training abroad in health with our Global Health Leaders Program. We believe our investment in these students will influence their career goals and commitment to global health for years to come.” Indeed the impact that the experience will have on the people of Zambia and the student pharmacists will be life-changing for all.