Lipscomb College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences-HCA/TriStar Healthcare Academy



Shhhh…listen closely and you can hear the pop, pop, pop of bowel sounds gurgling through the intestines.   Well, maybe not right now, but you could have if you had been a part of Dr. Phil Choate’s stethoscope class during the Lipscomb College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences-HCA/TriStar Health Care Academy held June 10-15. 

The program introduced rising 10th through 12th grade students to a range of health science professions related to pharmacy, nursing, nutrition, and exercise science.   Students received (non-risk) hands-on experiences and participated in science laboratories as well as received instruction in CPR, basic first aid, EKG, AED and non-invasive measurements such as blood pressure and pulse all taught by university faculty.

Field trips and fun were also a part of the schedule.  A visit to HCA/TriStar’s Summit Medical Center in Hermitage, TN was one highlight of the week.  Students observed medical practitioners up close in their daily work environments and learned the pivotal roles each area plays in contributing to the overall care for patients.   The learning extended into the evening with student pharmacist and student nurses serving as mentors to field questions and provide insights about college life.  Students took time to unwind with late night  “EXstreme Fitness” classes in rock climbing, Zumba and spinning.

The partnership between the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and HCA/TriStar provided a challenging, academic environment while giving students a glimpse of real life on Lipscomb’s campus. This year’s class of thirty, eager high school students was selected from a competitive applicant pool.  They represented 5 states, 15 Tennessee cities and 28 different high schools.   HCA/TriStar generously provided $10,000 in scholarships for students.