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Projects With Purpose

The Peugeot Center seeks to foster holistic missions through engineering service projects where students’ engineering knowledge can be used for the glory of God.

The Raymond B. Jones College of Engineering has been doing this since 2004, and the Peugeot Center will carry this work even further. Whether it’s a stove for a family in Guatemala, a bridge between two schools in Honduras or a water delivery system for a Christian camp in the Dominican Republic, the projects supported by the center make a difference in the lives of people in developing communities. They also offer students the chance to experience a world different from their own and learn what it takes to be an engineer outside the classroom. Students lead the projects, work on design and testing of projects, and many travel to the country to construct or install the finished product themselves. Projects come and go and they change constantly, but they change lives, both the lives of those for whom they are designed and the lives of those who design them.

Our Current Projects

People We Serve

People are a beautiful part of any mission trip, and they are the reason we make these trips year after year. While the center strives to meet engineering-related needs in the communities it serves, very often the engineering needs stem from issues that are deeper than just the lack of appropriate technology. Issues such as mistreatment, bad governments and very remote locations all play a part in the challenges the communities face, and they are very important considerations for the center’s teams as they work alongside these people groups. You can learn more about the communities the center serves below.

Lipscomb engineering mission team member shows an experiment to local children.

Common Questions