Transitioning from College to Career


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As the academic year comes to an end, careers begin for graduates! This exciting time in a new graduate’s life creates excitement and vulnerability. They often feel like they have more questions than answers on how to make their goals a reality. The Career Development Center is here to support graduates through the time of career transition. 

NACE, National Association of Colleges & Employers, recently reported that employers indicated they would hire 10% more new graduates than they did in the 2010-2011 school year. While this positive upswing is good news for graduates, it is important they be prepared and professional, because they are competing with graduates all across the country -- not just from their school. Meeting with the Career Development Center helps a graduate fine tune a resume, prepare for interviews, create a job search strategy and understand how to handle job offers.

Parents can be a helpful resource to recent graduates during the time of transition. Communication about expectations is a key part of balancing a successful relationship. Be clear about how long they can live at home and if they need to find a part time temporary position to help cover expenses until they land their first job.  In addition, parents and families should encourage their graduates to meet professionals in their target industry, attend career transition meetings, utilize the Career Development Center and apply for as many job opportunities as possible. Depending on the experience level, they need to explore different opportunities and not set numerous parameters about the type of job they will apply for. Also assist graduates in identifying personal champions who can serve as advisors for them.  A team of advisors can serve as important role models and discuss real life issues that often children dismiss when parents try to discuss these issues with them.

Though career transition takes time, graduates who take an active role in their search, who have family support and who work with the Career Development Center will successfully achieve their goals.