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IMPACT Counselor/Security/Roadie Information

Thank you for your interest in working at IMPACT!

Please fill out the on-line Worker Application which can be accessed under IMPACT Workers on the left side of this page.

Counselor Applications received by May 1 should receive a response between May 7-14.  Any counselor applications received after May 7 should expect at least a week to hear back.



IMPACT 2018 Counselor/Roadie/Security Information


I.          Requirements and expectations to serve on the IMPACT staff:


· Counselors/security must currently be college age and have been out of high school at least one year.

· Roadies must graduate from high school by June 2018.

· Counselors/Security/Roadie must have willing spirit to serve and an exemplary Christian attitude at all times.

· Follow all IMPACT rules, guidelines and responsibilities as listed below.

· Counselors/Security/Roadie MUST ATTEND a training session that will begin Wednesday morning , June 13th.



II.         Responsibilities for IMPACT staff:




· Build relationships with your assigned group of campers

· Model and enforce  IMPACT rules and guidelines





· Serve and protect students

· Model and enforce all IMPACT rules and guidelines





· Set-up for concerts, sessions, and all catered meals.

· Unload and set-up, break down, and load entertainer’s equipment and merchandise.

· Host entertainers and sell merchandise at concerts. 

· Serve as ushers for all sessions in the auditorium



III.        Protection Policy


      Lipscomb University has adopted the following policies to provide additional security for our campers. These policies are primarily for the protection of our campers, however, they also serve to protect counselors and leaders from false accusations of abuse.


· Two counselors are required on outings.


· One-on-one contact between counselor and camper is only permitted in situations that require a personal conference. Personal conferences should be conducted in view of other counselors and campers. Personal conferences not in view of other counselors and campers may take place only when special circumstances require. The counselor immediately shall inform an IMPACT leader of any such personal conference stating the camper’s name and the time and place of the conference.


· Counselors must respect the privacy of campers in situations such as changing clothes and taking showers, and intrude only to the extent that health and safety require. Counselors must protect their own privacy in similar situations.


IV.       Compensation


Counselors, Security and 2nd year Roadies                      

· IMPACT Junior - $75                                                  

· IMPACT Senior - $125

· Tuition, Room, Board

· Staff Shirt


Roadies -- 1st year

· Tuition, Room, Board

· Staff Shirt

· The joy of serving others