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Certificate in

Competency-Based Program Design

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Program Overview
Advance your career with the convenience and affordability of Lipscomb Online.

Schools, universities and other organizations continue to develop new methods for education to respond to the need for effective education that is increasingly essential for job preparation and performance. A popular new approach, competency-based education, allows students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills through multiple forms of assessment, often at a personalized pace.

With Lipscomb University’s graduate certificate in Competency-Based Program Design, you can lead the development of innovative education in your organization. As a university that employs this education model in its online programs, Lipscomb has credentialed faculty and institutional experience in creating and deploying competency-based education programs. Drawing from this expertise, you will learn to examine competencies and assessment, staff and faculty roles, financial models and business processes, accreditation and continuous improvement, and leadership skills. Whether designing instruction for a college course or an employee training program, you’ll have the tools to lead in this burgeoning field of education.

Admissions Requirements

Admissions Requirements

Ready to apply? Let’s get started. We’re here to help at every step. Here’s what you’ll need to apply to Lipscomb Online.

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Completed online application
  • $50 application fee or fee waiver
  • Official college transcripts from all schools attended (minimum 2.5 GPA)
  • Two professional recommendations
  • Résumé
  • Interview with faculty

If your undergraduate GPA is below 2.5, please provide a standardized test score or evidence of substantive professional experience.

Steps to Apply

Follow these simple steps to submit your application for admission:

  1. Complete our online application. Please be sure to list each college you have previously attended.
  2. Request to have your transcript(s) from all previous schools and colleges sent directly to Lipscomb. Mail to:
    Lipscomb University
    Online Admissions
    One University Park Drive
    Nashville, TN 37204
  3. You may submit the $50 application fee via credit card after completing the online application, or mail a check made out to “Lipscomb University” to the address above.

Program of Study

The 15-hour Competency-Based Program Design Certificate can stand alone as a graduate credential.

Competency-Based Program Design Certificate (15 hours)

OGLD 5303 - Defining Competencies and Identifying Assessments
This online course will provide you with the most current and relevant information, research, shared and emerging practices in competency identification and assessment. More specifically, it will guide you in conducting market research to gain a better understanding of program demand, targeting and clearly defining competency areas, validating competency areas with stakeholders, and using authentic assessment practices to successfully measure learning outcomes.

OGLD 5313 - Designing Staff and Faculty Roles in CBE Programs
This online course will provide you with the most current and relevant information, research, shared and emerging practices in flexible staff and faculty roles. More specifically, it will introduce and guide you through faculty and staff engagement, roles and responsibilities, and hiring practices.

OGLD 5323 - Financial Models and Business Processes for CBE Programs
This online course will provide you with the most current and relevant information, research, shared and emerging practices in financial models and business processes. More specifically, it will introduce you to current movements in the field including financial aid initiatives at the federal level, flexible pricing models to support non-traditional program offerings and engaging employer partnerships.

OGLD 5343 - Accreditation and Continuous Improvement for CBE Programs
This online course will provide you with the most current and relevant information, research, shared and emerging practices in accreditation and continuous improvement. More specifically, it will guide you to research accreditor familiarity and criteria for competency-based programs, evaluate program outcomes, make data-based program decisions and provide recommendations for working with your regional accreditor.

OGLD 5403 - Leadership Skills and Assessment
This course includes an initial assessment of leadership skills for students followed by individualized feedback, a personalized learning plan and further development of one out of 15 CORE competency areas. Development of the chosen competency area will support each student’s career goals by including work with a competency development coach, online learning modules, job-embedded activities and feedback. The price of this course includes transcription fees of all demonstrated competency areas.

Tuition & Aid

Tuition & Aid

Time is precious, especially for a busy adult like yourself. That’s why Lipscomb created personalized online programs tailored to fit your career needs and busy schedule. Lipscomb Online offers the same high-quality degree as our traditional on-campus programs with the flexibility to fit your life. Tuition is $899 per credit hour.

Financial Aid

Earn a Lipscomb education in a way that fits your budget through financial aid opportunities like scholarships, grants, loans and part-time employment.

  • Grants: You may qualify for federal grants or grants from other sources specific to your program of study and personal background.
  • Loans: Finance your education through one or more loans, either from the federal government or a private lender, that you can repay after college.
  • Scholarships: Depending on your credentials, you may qualify for scholarships from federal, state and other sources.
  • Tuition Discounts: If your employer offers tuition assistance or has a corporate partnership with Lipscomb University, you may be eligible for an application fee waiver and reduced tuition.
  • Military Benefits: Veterans, military members and their families attending Lipscomb may qualify for a variety of aid, including scholarships, stipends and tuition assistance.

Pathway to Master of Professional Studies

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Lipscomb’s online program is extremely user-friendly, and I had excellent communication with all of my instructors. Beverly Richardson, dental hygienist

Why Lipscomb Online?


Both our deeply connected faculty and our experiential learning opportunities offer a myriad of ways for you to form relationships with leaders in your chosen industry. These connections will serve and support you throughout your career.


Study in a program where you don’t have to sacrifice academic quality in order to enjoy the flexibility of online education. A Lipscomb master’s degree is more than just letters after your name—it’s next-level innovation that will drive the success of your organization.


Each of our graduate degrees is specially designed to work with your busy schedule. Our online class model allows you to obtain your degree as a full-time working professional, without having to put your life on hold.

You have what it takes.