OIR - Office of Institutional Research


The mission of the OIR is three-fold: (1) to extract and format data from the institutional database to answer management questions and satisfy external survey and reporting requirements, (2) to interact with administrators, deans, and department heads to develop instruments and demonstrate continuous improvement through the use of data, and (3) to offer support to the OIE.



  • Research
  • Reporting
  • Survey Management
  • Compliance assistance under oversight of the OIE


Internal: Faculty and staff.
External: Students, board members, parents, donors, regulatory partners, commercial partners, TICUA, THEC, and the community at large.



SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools)
TICUA ( Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities)
CCCU (Coalition of Christian Colleges and Universities Association)
AIR (Association for Institutional Research)
SAIR (Southern Association for Institutional Research)
TENNAIR ( Tennessee Association for Institutional Research)


Program Outcomes:

University stakeholders will have access to data and information necessary to maintain the business; compliance with accrediting and regulatory bodies resulting from timely filing of required reports; successful implementation of the strategic plan; continuous improvement work and resulting documentation; educational growth for strategic planning, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement concepts.

For more about the OIR, contact Matt Rehbein.