Office for Institutional Effectiveness


The mission of the Office for Institutional Effectiveness is to assist all Lipscomb University stakeholders in achieving the University’s mission by serving as a resource for data collection, education and training for faculty and staff, and management of the strategic plan, continuous improvement plans and compliance activities.


The Office for Institutional Effectiveness is organized as follows:

Education and training
Resource activities
Compliance management
Strategic plan management


Internal constituents: Faculty and staff.
External constituents: Students, board members, parents, donors, regulatory partners, commercial partners, TICUA, THEC, and the community at large.


The Office for Institutional Effectiveness is affiliated with the following agencies/bodies:

SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools)
AIR (Association for Institutional Research)
SAIR (Southern Association for Institutional Research)
TENNAIR (Tennessee Association for Institutional Research)


The business affairs of the Office for Institutional Effectiveness are managed and monitored throughout the year in formal departmental meetings each week, usually on Monday afternoon.


Strategic Planning Team


Program outcomes for this Office include: University stakeholders will have access to data and information necessary to maintain the business; compliance with accrediting and regulatory bodies resulting from timely filing of required reports; successful implementation of the strategic plan; continuous improvement work and resulting documentation; educational growth for strategic planning, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement concepts; and maintaining compliance with accrediting bodies as demonstrated through reaffirmation in SACS and other agencies.


1. Strategic plan
7.2.1 Identify all administrative processes

2. Continuous improvement
- Customer satisfaction
- Process improvement

3. Other

For more information on the OIE, contact Dr. Elaine Griffin.