Graduate Study

The Dietetic Internship program's course requirements include three hours of graduate study for NUGR 5403 Special Topics in Medical Nutrition Therapy, which may be applied towards a Master of Science degree in Lipscomb's Exercise and Nutrition Science (EXNS) graduate program, one of dietetics most exciting new areas of dual-discipline study or towards another Master's program at Lipscomb.  These credits may also be transferred for graduate study at most accredited universities in the country. It is the responsibility of the intern to determine the total number of transferrable credits allowed at the institution of choice. Three to six graduate credits may be given for the practicum rotation experiences completed during the internship program if the intern also registers for Dietetic Internship Practicum Experience NUGR 530V at an additional cost based on the current graduate credit rate per hour.  The Dietetic Internship is a non-degree program and therefore, is not eligible for federal financial aid as a stand alone program. Potential eligibility for federal financial aid as an intern requires one to also be a degree seeking student at Lipscomb, accepted into a graduate program by August 1st, and enrolled in six graduate credits per semester.