Nursing and Health Simulation Laboratory

Nursing Class 2012.1 Nursing Class 2012.2

Student nurses have the opportunity to make decisions that can mean the patient survives or dies.  Lipscomb University School of Nursing Clinical Simulation Laboratory offers the latest in simulation technology to develop a student’s clinical and decision making skills in a safe and controlled environment.  Faculty develop realistic clinical scenarios and advanced simulation manikins serve as “patients”.  Simulation allows the student nurses to experience situations they may never experience during their regular clinical rotations. 

The Nursing and Health Sciences Center is a site for traditional classroom learning as well as the teaching of assessment skills in a dedicated laboratory and 16-bed treatment skills unit, which simulates a hospital environment. The Health Simulation Lab features 19 computerized mannequins that can display symptoms of a range of illnesses and wounds in an authentic hospital-like setting.

We are able to do high-fidelity simulations for our students, meaning we will use interactive simulators that can respond to our interventions and change their course of care.  We also have the ability to videotape the entire scenario for analysis later.

The patient mannequins can bleed, vomit, cough, suffer cardiac arrest, display abnormal heart and breath sounds, give birth and respond to specific treatments. There are infant and child mannequins as well as adult males and females and one patient simulator that display a range of cardiac problems.

Our Nursing Health Simulation Lab is so well-equipped that in the event of a disaster on campus or in the community it can be converted into a 30-bed triage and stabilization site for patients prior to being transported to higher levels of care.