Facilities designed with you in mind.

The 24,000-square-foot Nursing and Health Sciences Center includes a 14-bed assessment skills lab, the Health Simulation Laboratory which recreates a hospital unit and includes 23 high fidelity patient simulators including a neonatal unit, and two lecture halls large enough for more than 100 students. The building includes ample collaborative learning and study spaces, common areas for student gatherings and an in-building snack bar.

Health Simulation Laboratory

The Health Simulation Laboratory offers all health science students the latest in simulation technology to develop clinical and decision-making skills in a safe and controlled environment. In this lab, faculty develop realistic clinical scenarios for students and 23 advanced computerized simulators serve as “patients.”

These interactive simulators can respond to interventions and thus change the course of care. The patient simulators can bleed, vomit, cough, suffer cardiac arrest, display abnormal heart and breath sounds, give birth and respond to specific treatments.

From cardiopulmonary issues to birthing simulations in a neonatal unit, this lab will allow you to experience health conditions spanning an entire lifetime, from the preemie baby to end-of-life, in an authentic hospital-like setting, including unique situations rarely seen during clinical rotations. 

The Health Simulation Lab is so well-equipped that in the event of a disaster on campus or in the community it can be converted into a 30-bed triage and stabilization site for patients prior to being transported to higher levels of care.

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