Clinical opportunities in the health care capital

Nursing education is a hands-on process. In addition to requiring 585 hours of clinical experience in Nashville facilities for each graduate, the School of Nursing focuses on developing the crucial relationships and communication needed to make highly effective learning experiences.

In five clinical rotations, you will earn 32 credit hours of clinical training covering the depth and breadth of the nursing field. Clinicals are required in the foundational areas of nursing: obstetrics, pediatrics, mental health, critical care and medical/surgical. You’ll be placed in local facilities like Vanderbilt Medical Center, TriStar Centennial Medical Center and Williamson County Medical Center to learn from seasoned professionals with years of expertise to share.

In addition, through medical missions trips, community health fairs and service projects, you will have as many as 20 easily accessible opportunities to experience on-the-ground health care in the community each year.

Senior Practicum

Every student nurse will enjoy a senior practicum, a 72- to 80-hour preceptorship, held in one of your top three health field choices. A favorite aspect of this program for students is the 1-to-1 mentorship and instruction provided. This direct connection with your mentor sets us apart compared to the 8-to-1 student to mentor ratio common at most other nursing programs.

“The preceptorship, by far, has been the most valuable clinical experience we have had…We are much more like a full-time RN. It’s way more valuable.”

VESNIP Program

You also have the opportunity to participate in the Vanderbilt Experience: Student Nurse Internship Program, a summer internship that allows participants to earn 280 clinical hours at Vanderbilt Medical Center while rotating through various units such as psychology, obstetrics, pediatrics, the emergency room and the operating room. More hands-on experience early on allows you to more quickly and surely decide on the nursing specialty that is right for you.

“In my time at Lipscomb, I have been able to experience a clinical in every age group from the neonatal intensive-care unit to geriatrics.”

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