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Our November 2007 lecture was scheduled to host the husband-wife graphic design team of Skolos-Wedell. This collaborating team of photographer Tom Wedell and designer Nancy Skolos work to diminish the boundaries between graphic design and photography. They are known for their collaged three-dimensional images that are influenced by modern painting, technology, and architecture. They balance their commitments to professional practice and teaching at the Rhode Island School of Design where Skolos is a professor of graphic design and Wedell is a senior critic. The studio of Skolos-Wedell has received numerous awards and has been widely published and exhibited. Skolos-Wedell's posters are included in the graphic design collections of the Museum of Modern Art, The Israel Museum, and the Museum fur Gestaltung, Zurich. The two recently co-authored the book, Type, Image, Message published by Rockport in 2006, and it is this topic on which they spoke Monday, November 5 at 7pm in Ezell 301. If you are interested in more information on Nancy Skolos and Tom Wedell, please check out their website at In conjunction with our fall lecture, Tom Wedell served as a judge for the second annual Nashville Design Competition.