LIFE Graduation Fall 2013

Tears flowed abundantly as friends, family, faculty and university administrators celebrated the LIFE graduates earning their first associate degrees.

The commencement cremony was held in the gymnaisum of the Tennessee Prison for Women. Richard Goode, is founder of the program and professor of history in the College of Arts and Sciences. Barbi Brown, graduate, presented the Outstanding Teacher Award to Randy Spivey. Michelle Lockwood recieves her diploma. Close to 200 people attended the ceremony. Michelle Lockwood gets a hug from a Lipscomb faculty member. The graduates pray before proceeding out to the ceremony. The processional begins, led by Christin Shatzer, instructor in service-learning. The graduates greet university President L. Randolph Lowry. The graduates studied for eight years to get their associate degrees. Barbi Brown getsher photos with the president. Markeisha Seagraves gets her photo with the president. There were nine graduates who earned associate degrees. Jackie Halstead congratulates Donna McCoy. Erica East congratulated by friends and family. The graduates were able to invite family to the ceremony. Faculty and students become good friends during the course of classes. Michelle Lockwood gets teary-eyed.