Provision Ministry Workshop

Nov. 12-13 Longview Mansion

The College of Bible and Ministry will host the Provision Ministry Workshop on Nov. 12 and 13 at Longview Mansion. This event is designed to help ministers grow in their pastoral skill set. The event costs $49 to attend, which includes Monday dinner and Tuesday continental breakfast. 

This will be a very practical, hands-on learning experience. You will come away with insights, abilities, and materials that you can readily use in your church setting. Provision will equip you for the many challenges you face, things like guiding difficult people, handling personal stresses, managing the load of teaching and preaching, working with elders, caring for the hurting and the troubled, and facilitating needed change.

The emphasis of the workshop will change each year.  This year, the focus of the workshop is conflict management. The program will be facilitated by Dr. Steve Joiner, dean of the College of Leadership and Public Service and the director of the Institute for Conflict Management.

To register for this event, click here.