First Day We Pray


First Day We Pray is in the past.

On the First Day We Pray
Missions Center, Ezell 238
Monday 8/18, 10 a.m. nonstop until Tuesday 8/19, 11 a.m.

For the 19th consecutive year, Lipscomb University will kick off the fall semester with 24+ hours of prayer where every student and employee is prayed over specifically by name. Whether you have participated in each event or whether this will be your first opportunity, we hope that you will create space in your day (or night!) to join us for this meaningful time of prayer, meditation and dedication. You can participate in numerous ways:

Come and Pray:  You can stay for 5 minutes or 5 hours, and you can come as many times as you want. Someone will always be there to pray with you, or you may prefer praying quietly by yourself.

Lead an Hour: Prayer leaders for each hour are given a list of names of students and employees who are designated to be prayed over during that time slot. A few leadership openings are still available. To commit to lead one of the hours, contact

Prayer Stations:  Throughout the Missions Center you will find various stations that lead you through some intentionally focused prayer opportunities.

Quietly Reflect:  We encourage you to spend time praying over your area, your colleagues or your students; all who have who have stories that you're a part of. 

Invite Others:  Invite your class, staff, colleagues, spouse, roommate, join you in prayer over our community.

Submit Requests: If you or someone you know would like specific prayers, please submit them online by clicking here

We hope that we'll see you in the Missions Center during On the First Day We Pray. Even if you don't have a specific timeslot, feel free to stop by and join us any time that you're able. With questions, contact Nan Hensley in University Relations at