Morality and the Media: Guns, Gays and Politics

Morality and the Media: Guns, Gays and Politics is in the past.

Morality and the Media: Guns, Gays and Politics
Friday, Sept. 19
8:30 a.m.
Ezell Center, Room 301

The Communication and Journalism Department at Lipscomb University is proud to present a day-long media ethics conference, Morality and the Media: Guns, Gays and Politics. Centered on three crucial issues which are important to all Tennesseans and the quality of media coverage surrounding them, the conference will feature three panels of reporters and citizens active in these three controversial areas: guns, gay marriage and an overall look at politics in the state. With outside groups and individuals involving themselves more and more in our state and the Tea Party establishing itself as a growing influence, how do the media present a clear and accurate description of our changing society?

Kelly McBride, vice president for academic programs at the Poynter Institute and one of our country’s leading voices on journalism ethics, will kick off the day with a presentation entitled, “Making Sense of the Media.” Al Tompkins, senior faculty member for broadcast and online at Poynter, will deliver the conference’s keynote address during lunch.

The event will include light refreshments in the morning, a complimentary lunch and will conclude around 3 p.m. with a summary presented by McBride.

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