Student Scholars Symposium

Student Scholars Symposium is in the past.

A Celebration of Ideas

Fourth Annual Student Scholars Symposium

April 9, 2015

The fourth annual Lipscomb University Student Scholars Symposium will be held on April 9, 2015. All undergraduate students are invited to showcase their scholarly and creative works at this day-long symposium. Presentations can be oral or poster presentations of empirical research, live musical and theater performances, readings of poetry or other creative writings and art exhibitions.

Abstracts due by February 27, 2015

Presentation Categories:

  • Oral presentation of empirical work
  • Oral presentation/performance of creative work
  • Poster presentation of empirical work
  • Poster/exhibition of creative work

Reasons to participate:

  • Learn to present academic work in a formal setting
  • Exchange ideas with other scholars
  • Receive feedback from faculty and scholars in your field
  • Be recognized for your contribution to Lipscomb's professional academic environment
  • Enhance your resume
  • Prizes for top presentations
  • Lunch and banquet dinner for presenters and faculty members