OPEN Gallery: Benjy Russell

OPEN Gallery: Benjy Russell is in the past.

OPEN Gallery presents “Soft Butch” by Benjy Russell

Saturday, March 1, 6-9 p.m.
At the Fifth Avenue Art Crawl

OPEN Gallery
The Arcade, Suite 57
244 Fifth Ave. N.
Nashville, TN 37219

The OPEN Gallery of Lipscomb University announces its March exhibition, “Soft Butch,” by Benjy Russell of Oklahoma. Working under the assumption that in every lie there is a kernel of truth, Russell’s work exists in an “almost” reality that (in execution) takes into question spatial relationships, dimensionality, and magical realism as they apply to gender politics, objectification of archetypes, glorification of symbols and objects as subjects. Soft Butch is a place of pure concentrated energy that exists between states of explosion and implosion, an alternate universe free of the binary gender system, a place where children are awash in the knowledge that we do not discover new truths, but peel away layers of lies.

Benjy Russell

Russell is an artist currently based out of Dowelltown, Tenn. His multi-disciplinary work seeks to uncover truths and partial truths of human nature through imagined realities, ?ctional portraiture, and alleged artifacts. His work concentrates mainly on the porous boundaries between ?ction and reality, using a hybrid of genres and techniques to disorienting effect. His imagery and sculpture are an exploration of either side of the line that exists between sanity and a more interesting reality.

About OPEN Gallery

The OPEN Gallery, wholly operated and curated by the students of the Lipscomb University Department of Art, is now in its third year of operation. New exhibits debut each month at the Fifth Avenue Art Crawl, on the first Saturday of each month or by appointment by calling 561.420.9315.

Since its first show in September 2012, the OPEN Gallery curators have continually worked to provide stimulating experiences each month. The students’ goal is to provide Nashville with art that is timely and that captures what it means to be alive right now in today’s culture.