OPEN Gallery: Lynette Miranda and Etta Sandry

OPEN Gallery: Lynette Miranda and Etta Sandry is in the past.

OPEN Gallery presents “Over and Over Again” by Lynette Miranda and Etta Sandry

Saturday, Feb. 1, 6-9 p.m.
At the Fifth Avenue Art Crawl

OPEN Gallery
The Arcade, Suite 57
244 Fifth Ave. N.
Nashville, TN 37219


The OPEN Gallery of Lipscomb University announces its February exhibition, “Over and Over Again: investigation, translation, revelation, transformation,” by Lynette Miranda, of Miami, and Etta Sandry, of Chicago. 

Unassuming objects, easily passed by and forgotten about, are examples of the in-depth focus of Miranda and Sandry’s artistic investigations. The process of examining one basic idea through the exploration of craft, material and labor is at the core of their individual practices. Their artwork disrupts assumptions of meaning and materiality by re-interpreting and translating text, patterns and objects. Through repetitive process-heavy techniques such as weaving, embroidery and printmaking, the artists reveal new identities in the work and form relationships between object and audience. Perhaps imperceptible at ?rst glance, the intricacies of their craft are experienced when the viewer comes back for a closer look.

Lynnette Miranda

Miranda, an interdisciplinary artist, curator and educator currently working in New York, received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in fiber and material studies, from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2010. She is finishing her graduate degree in visual arts administration at New York University. Miranda is the founder of Make Space, an online curatorial project that aims to create and expand the dialogue about contemporary artistic practice through interviews, studio visits and other investigations.

Etta Sandry

Sandry, an artist, educator and organizer currently living and working in Chicago, received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a focus in fiber and material studies. Etta is a co-director of the contemporary art website Make Space and teaches at Marwen in Chicago. She was a resident at Artists’ Cooperative Residency and Exhibitions and a technical assistant at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts. Sandry had a duo exhibition at ACRE Projects and has been included in group exhibitions at Tom Robinson Gallery, the Sullivan Galleries and the Plaines Project.


About OPEN Gallery

The OPEN Gallery, wholly operated and curated by the students of the Lipscomb University Department of Art, is now in its third year of operation. New exhibits debut each month at the Fifth Avenue Art Crawl, on the first Saturday of each month or by appointment by calling 561.420.9315.

Since its first show in September 2012, the OPEN Gallery curators have continually worked to provide stimulating experiences each month. The students’ goal is to provide Nashville with art that is timely and that captures what it means to be alive right now in today’s culture.