Embrace Reality: Late-night with Michael Johnson and Kim Vaughn

Embrace Reality: Late-night with Michael Johnson and Kim Vaughn is in the past.

Michael Johnson, co-founder and the dean of dating at Future Marriage University, and Kim “Brownie” Vaughn, an author and women’s activist, will perk up students with 9 p.m. discussions on love and life.

Johnson will be hosting a talk in Stowe Hall (Swang, room 108), and Vaughn will be hosting a talk in Shamblin Theatre.


About Michael Johnson

Future Marriage University, www.F-M-U.com, was established in 2003 with a mission to equip the church to empower individuals to prepare for marriage just as they would a successful career: intentionally, intelligently – and in advance. Toward that end, Johnson speaks to college students, youth and young adults sharing practical, passionate Biblical truths about sex, dating and relationships. He calls it love education: the missing link between the sex education provided in middle school and the premarital counseling most don’t get until they’re already coupled up.


About Kimberly “Brownie” Vaughn
Vaughn is also the author of Sane in a Sex-filled World: 10 Simple Tips for Saving the Best Sex for Mr. Right. She is an active member of the Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Nashville and serves in the Bridge Ministry as a mentor for college female students within Ladies of Virtue. She co-founded She Power Rocks, a community initiative to inspire women. Within this effort, she delivered inspirational messages at college campuses throughout the U.S. including Indiana University, University of North Carolina, Mary Baldwin, Fisk University, and more.

Through the You Are Singled Out movement, she infuses God’s word to go beyond the excuses and lies that entangle many single women. “There’s nothing that a single woman faces that can break her without a willful surrender. Adversities may bend her, bother her, and bruise her...but like a powerful tree, they can’t break her. She has to bloom. She has to blossom. She must continue to build. And building herself up in the Lord is the first step towards growing in greatness.”