Embrace Reality: Manning Up

Embrace Reality: Manning Up is in the past.

Embrace Reality: Manning Up
Kay Hymowitz
7 p.m.
Thursday, Feb. 13
Swang Center, Stowe Hall (Room 108)
This event is free and open to the public.
A reception and book-signing will be held in the Swang lobby after her talk.

Where have all the good men gone, lament women today. They have turned into boys, answers Kay Hymowitz, whose 2011 book Manning Up sparked a flood of national commentary on gender roles and dating in the new millennium. Hymowitz writes extensively on childhood, family issues, poverty, and cultural change in America in national publications such as The New York Times, the Washington Post, Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The New Republic, New York Newsday, The Public Interest, The Wilson Quarterly, and Commentary.

Manning Up: How the Rise of Women Is Turning Men Into Boys argues that juvenile male role models in the media and the decline of traditional dating and marriage expectations have left men “stuck between adolescence and real adulthood.” In their review of Manning Up, Publishers Weekly states, “Hymowitz identifies the appearance of ‘a new stage of life’ in developed societies – pre-adulthood – where the traditional life script: grow up, marry, have children, and die, is now: ‘What do I want to do with my life?’…while women, whose biological clocks are ticking, are forced to choose between single parenthood and casting their lot with a ‘child-man.””

Hymowitz’s other books include Marriage and Caste in America: Separate and Unequal Families in a Post-Marital Age and Liberation's Children: Parents and Kids in a Postmodern Age.

Hymowitz is the William E. Simon Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a contributing editor of City Journal.  She sits on the board of the journal National Affairs and of Future of Children, a publication of the Brookings Institute and the Woodrow Wilson School. She has also discussed her work on numerous radio and television programs.