Gaile and Stephen Owens, author of Set Free

Gaile and Stephen Owens, author of Set Free is in the past.

The Lipscomb University Serving and Learning Together Program, the Institute for Law, Justice and Society and the LIFE Program will host Stephen and Gaile Owens Thursday, Oct. 24, at 7 p.m. in Stowe Hall in the Swang Business Center. This lecture is free and open to the public.

They will discuss their new book Set Free: Discover Forgiveness Amidst Murder and Betrayal,” the story of Gaile’s incarceration for attempting to kill her husband and her son’s eventual forgiveness of her.

Gaile Owens was convicted of paying someone to kill her husband in 1984. She said her husband was abusive to her. She was on death row until community outcry convinced the governor to commute her sentence in 2010.

“Set Free” describes her son Stephen Owens’ journey to forgive his mother for her crime. At age 11 he testified against her in her trial, and refused to talk to her or even send her a card for years. But over the years his anger faded and he sent her Christmas cards and finally visited her in 2009.

The pair spoke at the First Amendment Center in October of this year.