Entrepreneurship Week 2013: Bison Brawl Pitch Competition

Entrepreneurship Week 2013: Bison Brawl Pitch Competition is in the past.

Entrepreneurship Week 2013
Bison Brawl: Pitch Competition

Monday, April 1
5 p.m., Swang Business Center, room 108

Inspired by the image of the gutsy entrepreneur who finds himself in an elevator with a potential financier, the Bison Brawl Pitch Competition requires teams of enterprising students to sell their innovative business idea in 60 seconds or less before a team of judges. Think of it as Lipscomb’s own version of “Shark Tank.”

Multiple teams of five students are expected to participate, and the winners will receive $1,000 to apply towards their business idea. Those teams who make the finals will make their final pitches on Wednesday, April 3, at 5 p.m., In Ezell Room 301.

For more information visit www.lipscomb.edu/entrepreneurship.

If you are interested in participating in the Bison Brawl, contact Kristin Matthews at kristin.matthews@lipscomb.edu.