HumanDocs Film Series: Sun Kissed

HumanDocs Film Series: Sun Kissed is in the past.

On Wednesday, Jan. 30, Lipscomb's HumanDocs Film Series will present Sun Kissed, the story of a Navajo couple who upon losing two children to a rare genetic disorder causing hypersensitivity to sunlight, discover the roots of the fatal disease in the dark history of the U.S. treatment of Native Americans a century and a half before. Airing on the PBS POV series in October, the film also screened at the premier AFI / Discovery Channel Silverdocs festival last summer.

The film will air at 8:30 p.m. in Shamblin Theatre. It is shown in partnership with the Nashville Film Festival and Nashville Public Television.

A brief discussion follows the screening featuring:
  • Hazel Arthur (moderator), chair, Department of Social Work and Sociology, Lipscomb
  • Jackie Yazzie, vice-president, Native American Indian Association of Tennessee
  • Albert Bender, attorney, advisory board member, Native American Indian Association of Tennessee
  • Neal Allison, historian, Department of History, Politics, and Philosophy, Lipscomb
  • Beth Conway, Department of Biology, Lipscomb

For more information on the HumanDocs Film Series, contact Ted Parks at 615-966-6616 or at