John C. Hutcheson Gallery: James D. Hughes

John C. Hutcheson Gallery: James D. Hughes is in the past.

Works by James D. Hughes
April 22-May 4

The late James D. Hughes, director of art education for Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools for nearly 30 years, was a Lipscomb alumni and a local artist who exhibited watercolors, works in oils and various other media in Nashville galleries.

He dedicated his entire life to art education, frequently holding summer workshops for Nashville teachers. To demonstrate various teaching methods for the teachers, he would recruit young children from the community to be summer students receiving free art lessons.

Hughes first attended Burritt College, then went to serve in World War II and after that came to Lipscomb in 1946. After he finished the two years at Lipscomb, he transferred to Peabody College to receive a degree in art education with a minor in English literature. He also earned his M.A. and his Ed.S. in Art Education at Peabody.

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