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Bison Talk Podcast

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S6:E6 Andrea Morris, Mental Health Month and more

S6:E5: Jeanne Fain, Global Voices and Education

S6: E4: Steven Opoku-Duah, Water Hydrology and God's hand guiding him to Lipscomb 

S6:E3: Cynthia Greer, Emotional Intelligence and its impact personally and professionally

S6 E2: Get to know the Office of Intercultural Development (OID)

S6 E1: What Is Student Life?

Previous Season 5 Episodes

S5 E1: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Quest Week with Quest Team Co-Directors Jordan Williams and Zach Walker

S5 E2: A Conversation with Dr. Willie Steele - English Professor, Author, and the World's Foremost W.P. Kinsella Expert

S5 E3: National Recovery Month with Dr. DeAndrea Witherspoon Nash, Jaime Harper, and Nathan Payne

S5 E4: Welcome to Our World Week with Candace Williams and Heleena Kabtimer

S5 E5: Lipscomb's Inaugural Fashion Week with Fashion Executive-in-Residence Charlotte Poling  

S5 E6: Live Shows are Back on Campus with the Debut of Mamma Mia! Featuring Director and Theatre Chair Beki Baker

S5 E7: Supply Chain Disruption, Opportunities and Impact

S5 E8: Social Clubs with Director of Community Life Kelvin Kelley and Sigma Alpha President Sean Hagan

S5 E9: Engineering Week with Dr. Fort Gwinn and Megan Davis 

S5 E10: Assistant Dean for Career Development Monica Wentworth