Men’s Style event to teach gentlemen on campus the importance of style in building a professional image

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In today’s world, building a successful career can often involve more than simply doing a good job. In many career fields, it often involves social skills such as confidence, etiquette and appropriate dress.

In an effort to prepare students for these expectations in the working world, each year the College of Business, the fashion program, alumni office and career development join together to provide both men and women on campus with the opportunity to learn about the importance of style and presentation in their professional lives.

The Men’s Style Project, previously called the Professional Men’s event, will be hosted on Monday, Oct. 24 from 5:30-7 p.m. in Shamblin Theatre, located in the Bennett Campus Center. This event is exclusively for all men of Lipscomb’s community both past and present.

This year’s Men’s Style Project will feature special guests and a panel of students sharing on the topic “A Tailored Fit.”  

Special guests are Jeff Loring, owner of Loring & Co: The Art of the Fit and Stitch It Alterations, and Michael Shane Neal, alumni and successful portrait artist heralded for his sense of style. They will discuss the role “fit” plays in projecting a professional image. Panelists include Reggie Blair, Director of Admissions, and students David Villacorta, DeShaun Clarke, Josh Hanslip and Michael Levashov. Local retailers will also be on hand offering additional fashion advice for students.MSP_SIDE

Leanne Smith, professor in Lipscomb’s College of Business, co-founded this event alongside Cindy Quinn, professor in Lipscomb’s Fashion and Design program.

“We created this event with the goal of helping men and women be more successful in reaching their professional goals by helping them understand the role that personal style and presentation plays in that process,” Smith said.

The discussion this year will focus around not only quality of fit and style, but quality of the person underneath the stylish apparel as well.

“The event will provide tips on style, fit, and fabrics—things that will help men build their personal brand and reach their goals,” said Smith. “But we also emphasize at each event that the outer packaging is never a substitute for the quality of the person underneath. Being a professional means being a person of character and integrity. Professionalism means ‘appropriate to the occasion.’”

During the event gentlemen will be given the opportunity to network, build connections with local retailers, learn how to present themselves with class and style, and get overall great fashion advice. There will also be an opportunity for free professional headshots to be taken.  

The Women’s Style Project will be hosted in March 2017 during the spring semester and will follow a similar format.

The Style Project events are sponsored and made possible by four campus partners: the College of Business, the College of Entertainment & the Arts, the Associated Women for Lipscomb & Young Alumni Engagement, and the Career Development Center.

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