For good measure, Time sweeps every Singarama category at 2011 event

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"Better Late than Never," by Time
Singarama Sweepstakes Award winner


2011 Hosts & Hostesses

Sydni Hayes, Bethany Ink
Lincoln Mick, Joe Muchmore
Chris Walker

The musical “Better Late Than Never,” produced by social clubs Gamma Xi, Phi Sigma, Sigma Iota Delta and friends, swept the awards at Singarama 2011, held March 31-April 2. Singarama is Lipscomb University's the annual student-produced variety show.

“For Good Measure,” was the 2011 Singarama theme, and three mini-musicals with the themes time, distance and temperature were produced. The production involves hundreds of students on stage, behind the scenes and in the spotlight.
“Better Late Than Never” swept all the categories, winning best theme, music and staging to bring home the 2011 Singarama Sweepstakes Award. Students Morgan Philley and Patrick McAnally served as director and assistant director respectively.
The time-themed musical portrayed Doug, an overly eager delivery man obsessed with getting his packages delivered on time. Songs featured included “Working for the Weekend,” “Run Around Sue,” “Cry Me a River” and “You Make My Dreams Come True.”
Singarama also featured the distance-themed musical, “Never Too Far,” produced by social clubs Delta Xi, Delta Nu, Delta Omega, Delta Tau, Pi Delta and friends and directed by Emily Sullivan, and the temperature-themed musical, “In the Heat of the Night,” by social clubs Delta Sigma, Gamma Lambda, Kappa Chi, Sigma Omega Sigma, Tau Phi and friends and directed by Allison Keaton and Elizabeth Cook.
The 2011 hosts for the performance were Sydni Hayes, Bethany Ink, Lincoln Mick, Joe Muchmore and Chris Walker. Student coordinators for the event were Kimery Cockrell, Kaitlynn Passon and Anna Waites.
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