Dixie Medical donates AEDs to Lipscomb University

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Dixie Medical, Inc., recently donated 13 Zoll AED Plus units, 13 alarmed wall cabinets for the AEDs and two Zoll AED Plus trainers to Lipscomb University. Automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) are designed to be used in life-threatening cardiac emergencies to increase chances of survival. These public access units can be used by trained professionals or unskilled bystanders during an emergency.

“Dixie Medical, Inc. is glad to assist in furthering Lipscomb University’s dedication to the safety of its students, teachers and visitors by donating these items for deployment on campus. My wife and I, as well as our employees, hope this contribution helps raise community awareness about the importance of placing these medical devices in public areas. While I hope they are never required, these units offer a cardiac arrest victim the best hope for survival,” said Matt Spencer (’96), owner and president of Dixie Medical, Inc.

The AED units come with easy-to-follow instructions that prompt the operator to place two pads on the chest of the victim. The unit then automatically analyzes the patient’s condition. The unit’s electronic voice then verbally instructs the operator as to further steps which may be needed. The unit will not deliver a shock to the patient unless it is needed.

“Health Services is very excited to have an AED in each of our student buildings. This is a phenomenal gift! We are very pleased and grateful. Matt Spencer and Dixie Medical are to be commended for this contribution. Studies have shown that if a bystander is required to use an AED, combining it with CPR, the chances of surviving a cardiac arrest are more than doubled than when using CPR alone,” said Susan Farris, director of health services at Lipscomb.

“We previously had nine AEDs on campus. With the generous donation from Dixie Medical, we are now able to place units in all key areas within our university and our campus school.  If just one life can be saved with these devices, any cost becomes a minor issue. With all the numerous events we have on our campus, these units will benefit not only the Lipscomb community but the surrounding neighborhood and guests who frequent our campus.  These units are state-of–the art user friendly and my goal is that faculty, staff and students will feel comfortable using these units during an emergency situation.” states Kathy Hargis, Lipscomb University’s director of risk management.

Dixie Medical, Inc., located in Franklin, Tenn., has been serving organizations and communities since 1999. They both sell and service all makes and models of defibrillators, AEDs and monitoring equipment. Other recent donations by Dixie Medical include 35 units given to the Williamson County school system to be distributed among their elementary, middle school and high school campuses.