Engage series provides professional development to employees

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Lipscomb University’s Office of Human Resources recognizes that as knowledge grows in use, it also grows in value. The Engage employee, manager and leader series embodies this mission through focused professional development of Lipscomb University employees, managers and leaders.

“We all have skills that may need some improvement,” said Christy Hooper, associate vice president of human resources, of the importance of professional development. “Professional development is to give new energy, ideas and to think differently; sometimes it’s just inspiration for our own work.”Engage real 1

Hooper provided a glimpse into how Engage found its start. “The president (Randy Lowry) really had a vision for professional development for our faculty and staff. We felt like we had internal resources that really give them a good learning experience that they can get here from others on campus,” said Hooper.

Lipscomb University employees are already seeing the value of this new program. On Wednesday, Jan. 24, employees had the opportunity to participate in an Engage Employee Series event focused on productivity with Mridu Parikh of Life is Organized at Downtown Spark.  

“This is my first Engage event. I like it,” said Tim Gilfilen, cashier in the business office. “It’s nice to take a break in the day, and I get to use my brain in different ways and think in different ways. It allows me to relax and think about my job and how I do things. It’s really helpful because my job is go-go-go, and my brain gets tired. It’s nice to have a day like this to recharge and focus on how I can be more successful.”

About the training, Hooper discussed the importance of considering the way we work. “Since we all balance so many priorities, we want to provide employees who may have a lot of tasks with an opportunity to rethink their work and ways to be more productive. With the start of the new year, it’s a perfect time to start fresh and learn new productivity skills or hone old skills,” said Hooper.

The Engage series provides employees opportunities throughout the year to learn and grow as professionals. The fall 2017 series included manager training, leadership development and new employee orientation for those hired in 2017. The spring 2018 series included the manager and leadership series and an additional employee series. Engage real 2

Of the Engage series, Jenny Lovell, leadership annual gift officer, shared her thoughts. “I think it’s wonderful. I like that they care enough to let us have continuing education,” she said. “I like that Lipscomb understands the importance of this and is investing in our continuing education as professionals.”

Lipscomb University employees have more to look forward to with several upcoming Engage series events. On Feb. 20, the Engage Leadership Series presents "Change Leadership," with Matt Paden, chief of staff to Lowry. On April 9, the Engage Manager Series presents "Interviewing and Selection Techniques," featuring Hooper.

For more information on these and other upcoming Engage series events, visit the Lipscomb University events calendar. If you are interested in employment opportunities, please visit our website to learn how to apply.