Lipscomb Academy grads visit London to kick off college

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Lipscomb Academy graduates who enroll at Lipscomb University are offered a once-in-a-lifetime trip to London

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Thirty-two Lipscomb Academy graduates who are headed to Lipscomb University in the fall got to experience study abroad in London before beginning their on-campus college career in August.

The fourth annual “Lipscomb to London” trip, May 23-31, offered the students a fast-paced adventure while also introducing them to college life and experiencing the academic challenges they will face in college.

“Living in London provides a meaningful context and a historical and contemporary perspective of our British heritage for our students,” said Michael Winegeart, Lipscomb’s global learning director. “The course incorporated an interdisciplinary approach to exploring the historical, legal, spiritual and cultural facets of Britain that have shaped the American story.”

Students had the opportunity to experience their first college lecture (on the life of author C.S. Lewis) at Oxford University with renowned theologian Alister McGrath.

At St. James’ Church, Terry Waite, British humanitarian, former Hezbollah hostage and a former scholar-in-residence at Lipscomb’s Institute for Conflict Management, spoke to the students regarding his captivity and challenged them to become peacemakers.

Other guest lecturers included:

  • London Judge David Turner, speaking on the differences between British and American judicial systems:
  • Oxford tutor Will Lanier, speaking on the differences between an Oxford and Lipscomb education along with a challenge to make the most of their college education; and
  • Sir Charles Hoare, a direct descendent of William Pitt, a British prime minister in the 1700s, who showed letters exchanged between Benjamin Franklin, John Jay and William Pitt regarding the appropriate strategy that would ultimately abolish slavery.  

Sessions were also led by President L. Randolph Lowry, his wife Rhonda Lowry and Chairman of the Board David Scobey, who accompanied the students on the trip. Students also took part in an “Amazing Race”-style team strategy competition encompassing the London sights and tube transit system in London.

“Each year I think about how it might be difficult for the campus school seniors to imagine the college experience being much different from their high school because, after all, it is only across the parking lot,” said Lowry. “However, each year the Lipscomb Academy graduates who choose Lipscomb for college tell me how different the experience really is. Yet, attending here may not always be perceived as exciting as going away to college.

“So we developed a special experience we believe will start college for our high school graduates in an unforgettable way,” he said.