What year do school sponsored teams start?
School sponsored teams begin as early as the 6th grade and continue all the way though high school. In addition to our middle and high school programs, we have Lipscomb Academy affiliated athletic teams at our elementary school beginning as early as kindergarten.

How are Lipscomb Athletics classified?
Lipscomb is classified as a Division II school

Can you receive physical education credit through athletic participation?

Is athletic participation compulsory?
No, athletic participation is not mandatory, however 95 percent of the student body is involved in at least one extra curricular activity voluntarily.

Does Lipscomb have a “pay to play” policy that institutes a charge for each sport that an athlete chooses to participate in?
No, there is no “pay to play” charge to participate in athletics.

Does Lipscomb encourage specialization with it’s athletes?
No, athletes are encouraged by coaches to participate in every sport they have interest and ability in.

Fast Facts

  • Lipscomb offers over 60 different teams in 23 athletic programs.
  • 30 team state championships in 13 different sports and more than 80 individual state champions.
  • 24 team state runners up
  • Lipscomb Academy athletes have the opportunity to use University NCAA division 1 facilities.
  • Lipscomb boasts an experienced, well decorated coaching staff that has been recognized at the district, region, state and even national level.
  • Every year Lipscomb athletes sign scholarship offers to play at the collegiate level, some have even continued on to play at the professional level.