Music Library Collections

Compact Disc Collection

The CD collection is located in the gray-and-black cabinets, and is grouped by genre. Each CD has a call number that represents its genre (e.g. ACD-, BCD-, CCD-, etc.) and then a shelf number within that group. Click here to view an explanation of the genres.

Video Collection

The Music Library video collection is located in the locked wooden cabinets immediately to the right as you enter the room. The collection contains both VHS and DVD formats; the computer in the Music Library can play the DVDs, and you may ask for access to the VHS player in Music 120 to view VHS tapes. The videos are shelved by Library of Congress call numbers.

Scores Collection

Music scores are shelved in the Music Library, except for collections of folk, patriotic, and political songs and most hymnals (housed in the Beaman Library). The scores are shelved according to Library of Congress call numbers. Click here for a guide to LC classification of music scores as used in the Music Library.

LP Collection

A legacy collection of LPs is stored in a separate storage area, and an LP player is provided with the audio system in the Music Library for users to listen to LPs when desired. The LPs are designated by the same genres as the CDs, but with only the single letter representing the genre (e.g. A-, B-, C-, etc.). Please ask for assistance in the Music Office in retreiving and playing LPs.