Opera Workshop

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Opera Workshop is a performance class in which Vocal Majors/Minors are required to work on various opera scenes from the genre. The scenes consist of choruses, arias (operatic solos), duets, trios, and other set pieces, full scenes, or full acts from standard and lesser known composers. Bernstein, Bizet, Gilbert & Sullivan, Mozart, Verdi and Wagner are examples of the works that have been performed in the past. There are also a variety of dramatic styles, costumes and props. Each Opera Workshop has its own personality. This is due to the content of the text in combination with the class performers and their own personalities and voices. Some shows are more choreographed in a stylized way with a simple black costume, while others are morel integral interpretations of the text in the blocking and costuming. The goal of the current director is to keep the pace of the show up by moving the audience from scene to scene with high energy, dramatic interpretation and good dose of humor. Subtitles in English project the interpretation of the original languages for the audience.