Degrees in Music

Bachelor of Music

The Bachelor of Music degree in performance or composition is a professional degree in music. This degree requires 76-79 credit hours in music courses and is for students who plan to pursue further graduate study in music performance, pedagogy, chamber music, conducting, or composition. In addition, students who wish to pursue a career as an independent music teacher or a collaborative pianist might choose this degree. 

Bachelor of Music in Commercial Music 

The Bachelor of Music degree in Commercial Music will train students in all aspects of commercial and creative music making. Students will be trained as singer/songwriters, producers, composers, etc. The program will be highly connected to the Nashville music scene and will focus on training independent, entrepreneurial artists. Students may choose to pursue the Singer/Songwriter track or the Music Production track.

Bachelor of Music in Music Education

The Bachelor of Music degree in music education is for students who wish to be certified to teach in public schools. In Tennessee, the certification is for Kindergarten-12th grade. Students choosing this degree are preparing to be elementary music teachers, middle school or high school choral directors, or middle school or high school band or orchestra directors. Many students choosing this degree also go on to get graduate degrees in conducting, music education, or music therapy. Teaching certificates are granted by states but are transferrable between states. Lipscomb University holds accreditation in CAEP (Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation).

Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts degree in music is a liberal arts degree. It requires 46 credit hours in music courses.It is designed for the student who does not plan on making music the focus of their professional career, but may use music as a part of their career. Students interested in music business, artist management, publishing, venue management, or who wish to double major in another area should consider this degree. The program can easily be paired with other disciplines (business, marketing, entrepreneurship) for students interested in the business side of the arts. It may be paired with psychology for students interested in music therapy; or paired with sociology or history courses for students interested in ethnomusicology. This program would also serve as an appropriate pre-law degree paired with English, political science or history. The Bachelor of Arts in Worship Ministry is offered in conjunction with the College of Bible and Ministry.

Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science degree in music is designed specifically for students who wish to go to a professional school such as medical school or dental school but would like for their undergraduate degree to be in music. The amount of music and math/science coursework is roughly equal, and the student will be prepared to sit for the MCAT at the end of the junior year. This degree plan allows musically talented students to participate and hold music scholarships as a major while preparing for their future career.

Music Minors