Men’s Choral Festival

January 28, 2014

Men's Choral Festival 2014

The grand choir will work with Dr. Gary Wilson and will perform a commissioned work by Timothy Takach, formerly of Cantus. Lipscomb’s male ensemble, The ChamberMen, will also perform as part of the concert.


I hope you'll consider bringing your male singers to our Men's Choral Festival. We had a great experience last year, and I'm looking forward to working with your men on the festival literature. The male singers from my choirs will be in rehearsals with the high school men, and will perform with them at the concert.

This year's event will feature the world premiere of a new piece by Timothy C. Takach who formerly sang with the professional men's ensemble, Cantus. Tim will be joining us for the day and I hope to have time for him to talk about the piece and tell a little about his composition process.

The featured group will be Lipscomb's male ensemble, The ChamberMen. This group began singing together as a quintet in the fall of 2012, and has expanded to an octet for this year. Their programming reflects the varied interests of all eight of the men, including Renaissance motets, a little barbershop, some standard men's music, and even some pop music occasionally. I'm sure your male singers will enjoy hearing them.

Repertoire for the grand choir is:

Ring Out, Wild Bells (TTBB with piano and percussion)
Ron Nelson
Boosey and Hawkes
JW Pepper 48004361

Oh, Sing Jubilee to the Lord (TTBB a cappella)
Brad Holmes
Morningstar MSM-50-2611

Bidin' My Time (TTBB with piano)
George Gershwin/arr. Gary Wilson
original provided by Lipscomb, may copy as needed

Little Blades of Grass (TTBB a cappella)
Timothy C. Takach
original provided by Lipscomb, may copy as needed

I'll send copies of the Gershwin and the commission piece as soon as I know that a school is coming.

Cost is $10 per student which includes lunch. Directors' lunch will be provided by Lipscomb. Registration will open at 8:30 a.m., rehearsals begin at 9 a.m. Concert is at 7:30 p.m., free and open to the public.

The date of the festival is January 28, 2014.  I realize this is the same date as the MTVA middle school mass festival, but can't do anything about it.  This the only date that Tim Takach and I were able to find that we were both available.  If you need to be at the middle school festival, your high school men are welcome to come on their own. 

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