During spring break, the women’s soccer team partnered with Sports Outreach Institute in El Salvador for their first team mission trip. Below is an excerpt from junior Kelsey Reiman, the team's center back, as she gives her perspective of three teammates who confessed Jesus as their Lord and Savior and were baptized during the trip by Coach Chris Klotz.

El Sal Bap 2Our footprints imprinted in the distant black sand begin to fade as we wade farther into the depths of the sea. Waves wrestle and roll over the stones beneath our feet. God announces His power in the thunder of crashing waves and His mercy in the whisper of trickling water. He is here and we are ready.

Hand in hand we march. Our silence marks the revolution and our smiles rejoice in confirmed hope and rewarded prayer. The footprints are now far in our past. Abandoned with the filth of our old selves and the abundance of our transgressions, they are stolen by God, carried away with the tide, and washed clean by the water.

There we stood, arm in arm, hand in hand as brothers and sisters in Christ. Reaching into the waters, God’s hands stir a burning flame beneath the surface, eager to consume a renewed body, extinguish the old, and catch fire in the new. He crashes the waves relentlessly against our backs, thrusting us forward into new life. He is here, and we are ready. Take us. One by one, Karli Crosby, Brittany Rupple, and Kameron Stilwell proclaimed Jesus as the son of God. Submerged into the mighty waters, admitted sinners cast their guilt into the sea, shed and slaughtered their old lives, and emerged with new life, wholly consumed by the Holy Spirit. The kingdom birthed three beautiful and bold daughters, awakened and charged to shine God’s light on the dark places of the world. Sparked in El Salvador, their flames will spread like wildfire across El Sal Bap 1the sea, illuminating Lipscomb and the Nashville community.

I pray that the flame we ignited in El Salvador will prosper long after we are gone. Although we are sad to leave, we anticipate the journey ahead and carry spirit and love of El Salvador forever in our hearts. The lessons we have learned will evolve, the friendships and family we have gained will flourish, and the faith that has blossomed will be planted again and sprout in others.

For now, the end is only the beginning.

El Sal Bap 3