Team Formation

The first step in your mission trip planning is team formation. This encompasses not only adding people to your team, but promotions for your trip’s availability, your preferred method of sign-ups and creating/building team dynamics.

Our missions season kicks off every fall for our students with the annual Missions Fair. Typically held the first Tuesday in October, the Missions Fair is the only event that we host all year where every team and their team leaders are present as they promote their individual trips. Albeit it can be a bit overwhelming for some students, it provides a great opportunity for them to explore their options for the upcoming year’s mission trips.

Following the Missions Fair the rest of October is packed with Informational Sessions. Each team will have an hour set aside where their team leaders will go in-depth about trip details along with their preferred method of sign-ups. Team Leaders can use their discretion as to whether they would like to have an (1) application/interview process or (2) allow students to sign up on a first come first serve basis. 

After 3+ weeks full of Info Sessions, Lipscomb Missions will host Commitment Week during the first week of November, where we encourage participants to make their official commitment for their spring break or summer mission trip. For a variety of reasons many students will commit well after this week has passed, but for those who choose to commit early, they are usually assured of a spot of their 1st or 2nd choice of trips. 

Once Commitment Week has passed, teams will typically begin having their regular team meetings. This is where you as a team leader have the awesome responsibility of helping shape/mold your team dynamics through the ways in which you facilitate team meetings. Aside from just “pre-trip prep meetings,” many teams now choose to have a weekend team retreat along with team outings/activities that are specifically geared towards the team members getting to know one another on a more intimate level.