Incident Management

Lipscomb University values the safety of our students far more than we do the short-term mission efforts they are involved in. We train our mission teams to exercise the necessary precautions when traveling; for their behavior to be Christ-like to all those they encounter and to be aware of their surroundings at all times. However we realize that circumstances arise on trips such as this that are oftentimes beyond our control. Therefore, Lipscomb Missions has an in-depth Incident Management Plan (IMP) that is set in place as a proactive measure to ensure minimal risk for all of our mission teams, both domestic and foreign. If a situation arises during a mission trip, Lipscomb Missions has steps in place to assist a team or team leader. To access our IMP, please click here.

Incident Management Team (IMT)

The IMP is overseen by our incident Management Team (IMT), which is made up of University Staff who play vital roles in making sure the appropriate actions are taken if/when a defined incident were to occur. Led by the University’s Director of Risk Management, the IMT also includes University Staff from the offices of the President, Communications, Campus Life and Missions.


Along with assisting a mission team in the event of a incident, the IMP also ensures that the University has the appropriate and adequate insurance coverage for all team members. Each participant in a Lipscomb mission trip has a secondary insurance policy purchased for their benefit in the event that a health/medical related need arose. (A participant would need to file claims with their primary insurer first before activating this secondary policy seeking reimbursement). Each participant is also covered by a separate policy purchased by the University that covers any and all participants in the event of an abduction, arrest, civil unrest, natural disaster or death (for repatriation of remains). The cost of both policies is included in the missions fee, part of each trip's cost.

US Embassy Registration

As part of the University’s IMP, the locations where our teams are going are monitored periodically, especially on the U.S. Department of State website. Each team that is going outside of the United States will be registered with the U.S. Embassy in the country where they are going. In the event that a incident did occur, this registration will expedite the process of getting our mission team the most and best assistance from the U.S. Government. 

University Release Form (Waiver)

Each person participating in a trip through Lipscomb Missions must complete a university release form in the presence of a notary, which releases the University from liability for those engaged in a mission trip. Although the University recognizes its responsibility as a sending agency of mission teams and they will do everything within their power to assist a mission team, the form states that everything that could occur on a trip is not within the control of the University (civil unrest, natural disaster, accident, etc). This also serves the purpose of assisting and expediting medical services to the participant in the event that medical attention is necessary during the trip.