Roles & Responsibilities

We feel that serving as a mission team leader is a God-given honor, one that comes as an incredible blessing, yet one that is not to be taken lightly. As a team leader you have the tremendous opportunity to lead others into service for the Kingdom. As a team leader you will be leading others in exploring and using the spiritual gifts that God has blessed them with. As a team leader you have the chance of helping others experience Jesus like never before.

As you embark upon this journey of mission team leadership we ask that you review the documents below that give a more detailed outline of our view of what you’re called into. Whether you are a veteran primary team leader and the one that everyone is looking to for answers and decision, or whether you are a new team leader serving in a supporting role not really sure what lies ahead, we are thankful for the dedication and commitment that you have and will show over the many hours that you will put into this role.