Guidelines for Requests

- Up to 4 team leaders per trip, defined by these guidelines, may be eligible for assistance. Please see team eligibility scale below. If a team qualifies for a 4th subsidy, they may choose to split it between two people if they have 5 eligible team leaders.

TL Sub chart

- This fund applies to Lipscomb faculty, staff, alumni and friends who serve as team leaders and have been recognized as such by Lipscomb Missions

- Undergraduate students who serve as team leaders are not eligible.

- This fund is available strictly for mission trips that go out through Lipscomb Missions.

- This fund is available strictly to pay for per person trip expenses that are included in the trip budget, not team expenses that are raised over and above the cost of a trip (i.e. - meds, building materials, etc...)

- Only those team leaders whose team contributes to the fund with the mission participation fee are eligible for assistance. All trips whose funds are channeled through Lipscomb Missions automatically have the missions fee per person deducted from their account. Other trips that are autonomous can still include the mission fee in their total costs and receive the benefit of the fund, if they wish.   

- Only team leaders who pay their trip deposit in full are eligible to receive assistance from this subsidy.

- Please submit your request via the TL Subsidy Form by the following dates: 

Winter: December 1   |   Spring Break: February 15   |   Summer: April 1

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