Nash 1Need to stay in the Nashville area for spring break but still want a mission experience? Check out what the Spring Break Nashville team does for our local community!

Since 2007, Lipscomb Missions has formed a team to serve right in our very own city during spring break. SALT Program Coordinator Cara Harris will lead this year’s team and she is excited about the trip’s potential to bring long-term benefits to our surrounding areas in need. Partnering with several local agencies, the Nashville team is sure to have a unique experience.

In the past, team members have volunteered for different organizations throughout the week, including Habitat for Humanity, Nashville Urban Harvest, and Feed America First. Last year’s team even devoted one day to helping out with Special Olympics Tennessee where they refereed basketball tournaments held on campus. T.J. McCloud, Missions Coordinator and last year’s team leader, recalls that day of service with great fondness, saying, “We had so much fun getting to know all of the sweet kids and adults.” The Nashville team also spent time Nash 2with Front Porch Ministries, based in East Nashville. Part of their week involved renovating the basement of a house turned youth outreach facility. Participating in this trip is a great way to become familiar with local service efforts.

Team leader Cara Harris has been on several foreign trips but has a special passion for this Nashville mission effort.  “Doing something local has the potential to have long lasting effects,” she says, “I wanted to engage in something that had the potential to go beyond just spring break.” Having been part of the first Spring Break Nashville effort in 2007 as a student, Harris is now excited about leading the team on campus and in the community. 

The locality of this trip makes it both unique and accessible in a way that the other missions may not be for some people. McCloud explains the flexibility of the trip being a major bonus for those who may need to stay in the Nashville area, saying, “We realize some people may have to work and this trip allows them to do that.” Worried that it won’t feel like a mission experience? Don’t be, expresses McCloud, “We still spent a lot of time together and I consider last year’s team members as friends.”

Nash 3When asked what type of people they are looking for as they complete their spring break team, Harris explains that she is searching for “anyone that wants to use the time they've been given over Spring Break, anyone that wants to know more about the needs of Nashville community, and anyone who is willing be part of something that could build lasting relationships.”   

Not only are Harris and McCloud seeking interested students to serve alongside them, but they are also welcoming alumni and simply friends of the University. To sign up or for more information on Spring Break Nashville, email