2013 Spring Break Missions Journal

The stories below are personal accounts from members of some of our 2013 Spring Break mission teams. Use the links at the bottom of page to view additional trips, and check back periodically for more updates!

Rocky Goodall, friend of LU

Goodall Journal (temp)For those of you who don't know much about me, I was born without both of my legs making me a bilateral below-knee amputee. I'm a certified and state licensed Orhotist and Prosthetist. I make custom orthotic bracings, and artificial limbs. About a year ago I met a physical therapist, Aaron Hall, who asked if I have any orthotic bracings to donate to a misson. Here in the states kids get new orthotics about every 6 months an they discard their old ones. The company I work for began asking parents to save the outgrown braces so that we could start donating them to David Lipscomb University's mission group. A few months later, they asked me if I would be part of their medical brigade to Honduras. I prayed and talked with my family. I also met with Pastor Martin who told me this would be a great opportunity to help a community and to be able to spread Gods word. I decided to go and Metro Baptist sponsored me with well over half the money that I needed. I then met with my employer who sponsored the rest of the money for the trip, along with orthotic bracings, shoes and tools. My family each gave donations to purchase tools to leave in Honduras so that modifications and adjustments can continue to be made. It was amazing to see how doors began opening everywhere. Gods plan was unfolding right in front of my eyes.

From the time we arrived I got to watch Gods love through peoples actions. We had 2 dentists, 2 physical therapists, a nurse practitioner, a physician's assistant, 2 nurses, 2 pharmacists, a David Lipscomb teacher, an 32 college kids, most of them studying medicine. We were able to give over 700 people medical consults and over 120 dental consults. We had over $5000 worth of medicine we passed out, over 1500 toothbrushes given out, and fit over 100 kids with new socks and shoes. We had numerous bibles that were in Spanish that we were able to give. We were able to use our time with the people to spread God's word and to show these communities that they are valuable, that their life has purpose that we are all brothers and sisters who serve the same God. I witnessed so many souls getting saved and was able to watch a lady get baptized in the ocean right then because she didn't want to wait until time to go to church. I was a part of numerous church services which were similar to how we do things over here. I felt so blessed to be a part of this. I stepped out of my comfort zone and let the Lord lead me. He used me to be a blessing to so many people.

While there I got to meet a little girl named Cindy. A pastor approached me and Aaron and asked if we would ride with him to see this little girl. He wasn't sure where she was and began driving and stopping to ask people. Not sure that we would find her and a little frustrated when we thought we had left the brigade for so long and had not found her and didn't know what we were seeing her for. It became a two hour trip to locate her, but when we pulled up, I knew God was at work once again. I get out of the truck to see a little girl sitting on a rock wall, missing both of her legs, just like me. She was born with club feet and because she walked on her deformed feet for so long, she had done so much damage that she had to have them amputated. I was able to adjust her prosthetics and to help with the issues she was having. We gave her a pair of shoes, but best of all we got a way to donate an get her all the supplies she will need in the future. God led us over 2 hours away from the group to be able to meet this girl. It feels so good to be led by the Lord. It shows me that my trials are not in vain, God made me this way for a reason. I could easily sit around and complain an feel sorry for myself but instead I have chosen to be a servant of my Lord. I learned to be thankful for what I do have and that God has blessed me.


Matt Ellington, team leader


Ellington JournalOur first job site has seen quite a change! Roofing and framing of the doors and windows took place today! We have been blessed to have the help of local Jamaicans on the site in both building and conversation. We should be able to paint the home tomorrow as well as add the doors and Jamaican style windows! The second job site was completed today. Framework was done and the roofing was completed. This site is home to a family with several children, which makes the day seem to go faster! We were very blessed to be able to get to know the story of this family and help in an area they are so desperately needing. Since there was no street meeting or church service tonight we were able to take part in a Lipscomb Mission trip tradition…Jamaican Game Night! Some of the church members came and taught us how to play several Jamaican games. This night is always one of the favorites! The true competiveness of people come out on this night! Atoms, Fruit Basket, and Goal remain games that we that return always look forward to!


Samuel Montoya, team leader

Montoya JournalHere we are back again. It is unbelievable how much love and appreciation we get down here, It is almost like we are part of the family here in Back2back. Yesterday and Today were really long and crazy days. The staff decided to send us on a two days adventure. We visited another of the houses supported by B2B. We were happy to see them as they were to see us as well. House Bethany used to be a school in the community that was transformed to a children home. The people there were as always really nice and always smiling. They have a tortilla factory that they used to make income and supported themselves. They are a big help for the community. We played with the kids, cooked with the ladies and after a long day we went to river to swim with the kids. Nothing better than spending the rest of the afternoon jumping in really cold water. A great way to end a long hot day. After that we went to a second home about 30 minutes from House Bethany. The place is call ERJ. A farm with a lot of space where they have a plantation of orange trees, goats, two cows, chicken coops and open fields to run around. We spent the night there camping in the middle of a soccer field. It was cold and not so comfortable night. We woke up super early and we got to see the sunrise shining up the mountains in the Allende area. We got to chance to do some work in their new dorm restrooms  and do some other things around the place. Went on a tour of the place during the afternoon and like always got to spent time with amazing people and great kids. God is always showing us his love through the eyes of little kids.