Team Leader Subsidy


The purpose of the Team Leader Subsidy fund is to encourage participation and generate leadership from within the Lipscomb community of faculty, staff, alumni and friends. We greatly appreciate your involvement and are thankful for the energy that you pour into our students as you facilitate your upcoming trip.  

Requests are to be submitted by the primary team leader for up to four eligible members of the team’s leadership. Requests are reviewed based on (1) the timely manner in which it is received and (2) your response to the involvement assessment. As you consider submitting this request, we ask that you keep in mind the following: 

  • Not every request is guaranteed assistance. 
  • The TL Subsidy is strictly for those who need assistance in funding for their trip.
  • Funding is limited and we encourage you to continue any other fundraising efforts. Do not decline church or individual contributions because this is available. 
  • At the time we execute the transfer of funds, we will only disperse funds that either you are eligible for OR that tops off your trip balance (i.e. if you only need $300 but are eligible for $450 you will only receive $300).
  • The fund is made available by the generosity of local churches, individual donors, foundations and money generated from within Lipscomb Missions.

Guidelines for Requests   |   Distribution Formula   |   Request Form