Passport FAQ

Q: Who needs a Passport?
A: Anyone who plans on traveling outside of the United States or country of citizenship.

Q: When do I need to apply for a Passport?
A: NOW! Routine service is 4-6 weeks. Expedited service is 2-3 weeks. If you have signed up extremely late for your mission trip or have lost your passport, same day service is an option - consult your team leader for next steps (additional fees apply).

Q: What do I need to apply for my Passport?
A: For first-time applicants (you have not had a passport before), visit this link and follow all steps: If your passport has expired or will expire within 6 months AFTER you return from your trip, visit this link for instructions: *The required two official passport photos can be done by The Connection (on-campus post office) in the basement of Bennett Campus Center for $5. (They can also be done by most photo processing locations and some Passport Acceptance Facilities, but the cost is usually $10-15 there.)

Q: How much is a passport?
A: Visit the following link for the current fees associated with passports (look at passport book section of tables - you will not need a passport card):

Q: How do I pay for my passport?
A: Your passport fees are your responsibility, separate from your trip cost.

Q: Where is the nearest Passport Acceptance Facility?
A: Visit think link to find the Passport Acceptance Facilities closest to your current location (ZIP code search): The three closest Passport Acceptance Facilities to Lipscomb's campus are:

Melrose Post Office
798 Berry Road
Nashville, TN  37204
Passport Processing Hours (by appointment): M-F 10:00am - 3:00pm, Sat 9:00 - 11:00am

Acklen Post Office
2006 Acklen Avenue
Nashville, TN 37212
Passport Processing Hours (by appointment): M-F 9:30am - 2:30pm

Downtown (Broadway) Post Office
901 Broadway
Nashville, TN 37202
Passport Processing Hours (by appointment): M-F 9:30am - 3:00pm

Q: What do I need to do if I am less than one month away from leaving for my trip and I have not received my passport?
A: Visit the following link to track the status of your passport: Additionally, notify your team leader immediately and they will consult their trip coordinator for the next steps to take.

Q: I still have more questions regarding my passport application, where can I go?
A: Visit the US State Department website at